Association of Technology Engineers is a volunteer, societal, scientific/expert, interest, professional, non-political organization in Republic of Srpska. We are open to the collaboration with other scientific/expert, industrial and other organizations, on the basis of mutual acceptance and respect for each other’s independences in work.

The constituent assembly of the Association, at which 110 engineers were present, was held on November 28, 2010, in Banja Luka. Accepting the proposition of the initiative panel for Association founding, the Assembly issued a document by which the Republic of Srpska Association of Technology Engineers was founded.

First president in the period of 2010-2014 was a well-known university professor, PhD Radoslav GRUJIĆ.

From November 2014-2018, the next term position of the president is entrusted to Mr sci Miroslav TANASIĆ, graduated engineer, respected governmental inspector.

Тhe current president is PhD Miodrag JAZIĆ.

The Assembly is the highest body of the Association and the members of the Assembly are all the members of the Association in current year respectively. The Assembly is chaired by the president of the Assembly. There is also a Board of Directors comprising the President of the Association and 14 members. The president of the Association and the presidents of the regional ‘branches of the Association (these are: Bijeljina, Doboj, Prijedor, Istočno Sarajevo, Herzegovina and Banja Luka) are the members of the Board of Directors by default.

Goals and the tasks of the Association:

  • Gathering of the Association members for the knowledge exchange
  • Improvement of the social position and the respect for the profession of engineers of technology
  • Cultivate the ethics in the profession of the engineers of technology
  • Following latest developments in technology
  • Contributing to the technical regulations and standards as well as to the other legislative of interest for the profession
  • Organization of the experts meetings and participation at the scientific and experts meetings, conference and other events for continual education
  • Initiation and support of activities in environmental protection and preservation
  • Cooperation with similar organizations domestically and abroad.
  • Cooperation with governmental, experts, industrial and other organizations on realization of the tasks of mutual interest
  • Other activities in improvement of the engineers profession and the development of the overall society


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Decision on the membership fee

Statute of the Association of Technology Engineers