Successful XII assembly of the Association of Technology Engineers was again held at the Faculty of Technology, University of Banja Luka, Nov 12, 2022. Assembly was by tradition, merged with the seminar, covering various subjects, which was this year focused on e-waste recycle (lecture by our member Dragana Stević, MSc in technology) and on forensic chemistry where technology engineers are playing important roles (by our member Dr Mirjana Dragoljić). In addition, opportunities for industrial experts offered by the COST association were promoted by Prof dr Suzana Gotovac Atlagić, who was also the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina in COST scientific committee. Attendees of this year assembly, who are engineers employed in food, polymer, mining, textile, industry, but also in inspection bodies, SMEs, forensic laboratories in the country, were given the overview of importance of participation in COST actions for the inclusiveness targeted countries, but also on the variety of the subjects that could be the base for their own preparation of the coordinating COST actions in the future. They  were presented about the networking tools in COST and the success stories, were COST actions lead to Horizon 2020 (Horizon Europe) projects and long friendships and exchanges between alike institutions around Europe. COST association financially supported this event, with the refreshment break and promotional material, which is still available on demand for members of the Association. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an upper middle income country which was recently recommended for its candidate status in European Union, and made many efforts to harmonize its legislation. Also, this is a country with very good potential in mineral, forestry, water, energy, tourism industry, having in average about 700 million euros yearly in direct foreign investments (according to the Central bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina). In such positive circumstances and developments in recent years,  COST can play an important role in its further development especially of the human potential in this country.


This year, the new leadership of our Association was also elected, and we are pleased to inform you that Dr. Mirjana Dragoljić, our active member since the very foundation of the Association, was elected President of the Association for the next four years. We will present the other members soon on our website.


Many colleagues joined additionally at the informal dinner which followed the assembly and the seminar, having pleasant time in restaurant “Stara Ada“, evoking memories from the university years and making friendships and collaborations with new members of the Association.  


Photos available in the galery


The Assembly of the Association of Technology Engineers of the Republic of Srpska was held