The RAISESEE project took engineers, pupils and students on another adventure in the materials industry. They visited the “CareFusion BH 335” factory in Cazin, which is a branch of the American company “Becton, Dickinson & Company” which employs over 65,000 people worldwide. The production program in Cazin employs over 400 workers and highly educated staff, and includes medical equipment made of polymers such as blood transfusion kits, extensions for infusions, gravity kits for classic infusions or oncological infusions and many others. Within the program, it was primarily interesting to see the technology of polymer extrusion, but also the state-of-the-art work organization system, which is mostly based on the Japanese “Kaizen” method. Worker safety, hygiene and product quality are full priorities.

The visiting team consisted of students, high school students, and teachers and engineers from the Association of Technology Engineers, all according to the plan of the RAISESEE project, which aims to interest young people in materials science. Colleagues in the factory welcomed the guests with an extremely warm welcome and patiently provided them with about 3 hours of education, followed by a joint lunch supported by the project and exchange of contacts for future cooperation.

Photos from the visit can be seen here.


Visit to the factory “CareFusion BH 335” in Cazin, which is a branch of the American company “Becton, Dickinson & Company”